The World's Best
in AR Display

Superior optical display technology

World first “adaptive zoom display technology

intuitive optical touch interaction (~16 point) 

Precise voice recognition technology (> 90%)

The World’s Best Optical Display Technology

The World’s Best Optical Display Technology

Optical Design Technology: Ultra Wide Projection Display

The World's Best Performances

- The Lowest TR (Throw Ratio) ~ 0.08 in UST Projectors with ~6 cm Throw Distance

- the Widest FoV (Field of View) ~70 degrees in AR Glasses with ~3 cm optical module

Optical Component Technology: Unique Electro-Active Optical Components

Switchable Super-Slim Liquid-Crystal based DOE* and HOE*

The World’s First Technology: Adaptive Zoom Display Technology

Dynamic Control of Image Size and Brightness

Customized to the Fields

Prazen’s products can be customized to the construction, manufacturing, maintenance or other fields.

Tech Road Map of Prazen

“The Leader of Optical Realism Technology”

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