History of Prazen

Prazen is a company that started in 2017 with the mission of “Innovating the way people see the world.”. Prazen is a company founded by experts in the optical display field from Samsung Electronics following the successful execution of Samsung Electronics’ C-lab project and a spin-off. Prazen is securing the highest level of technology in the field of projection optics by further expanding and upgrading the optical technology secured through Samsung Electronics’ C-lab project. Prazen’s projection optical module boasts an unrivaled level of performance with a 30% improvement in throw ratio and optical module size compared to the version developed by the founder of Prazen at Samsung Electronics. Prazen applies these optical technologies to AR glasses and AR projectors to enable us to see the world in a new way that we have never seen before.


Co-founders of PRAZEN

About Heekyung Kim the CEO of Prazen

2017 – Todayㅣ CEO, PRAZEN

2009 – 2015 ㅣ Principal Research Engineer, C-lab Samsung Electronics

2008 – 2009 ㅣ MIT Research Laboratory of Electronics /Visiting Scientist

2003 – 2008 ㅣ Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology

2002 – 2003 ㅣPost Doctorial Fellow, Tokyo Institute of Technology

1997 – 2002 ㅣ Doctor, Physics, Korea University

Potential Associates