Augmented Reality Display

Prazen will offer compact AR glasses with much broader FoV. Conventional AR glasses provides about 50 defress of FoV with bulky and heavy devices, which limits the efficiency of AR functions and cause user fatigue. Prazen’s unique projection optical technology enables to make smaller AR optical display with FoV over 70 degrees, which promotes the adoption of AR glasses in everyday life.

Compare to Other Devices

Superior to All the other
AR Headsets

The widest FoV up to 120 degrees

The smallest device size: 3 cm

1/2 average price

PRAZEN's Innovative Numbers


Fov over 70 degree which is the world best

1 %

Adopt novel LC diffractive optical elements and remove expensive Photonic Waveguide

1 %

With our heart we provide our customers 100% of support

AR Display Comparison


AR experience

Incredible Augmented Experience presented by Prazen’s AR Glasses. Virtual World has been thrown into the Glasses!

AR Experience

Incredible augmented experience presented by Prazen’s AR glasses. Virtual world has been thrown into the Glasses!

Industrial Usage

Prazen’s AR Glasses connects the trainer to the trainee to help and instruct engineering technologies real time.
Trainee collects the know-hows from trainer while the trainer instructs the trainee in the office.
Experts would not have to be present at the field.


The product's information will virtually pop up as the user pass by the products.

The origin, expiration date, producer and all the details embedded in the product will appear.


Augmented Reality technology can be used as automotive head-up display, or hud.

Prazen’s unique projection modules enable to project larger images.